Hiver: A tribute to love, guiding and being guided, in an eternal waltz of the senses.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

A scent that captures the magic of holidays, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, joy and love.

Discover Moitié Parfum: A Luxury Perfume Company

Distinctive scents that inspire, enchant, and uplift the senses define our collection. At Moitié Parfum, the essence of elegance meets artisanal French perfumery for a sensory exploration unlike any other. Handcrafted by our perfumers in the south of France, our passion for fragrance is only rivaled by our dedication to sustainability, creativity, and refined purity that awakens the mind, body, and soul. 

More than another luxury fragrance, every bottle is a tribute to romance, artisanal excellence, and the profound emotional experiences that the right perfume can evoke. In an era of mass-produced colognes and lackluster scents, our transformative collection has been thoughtfully crafted to excite the senses and energize the atmosphere. 

With innovative fragrances to accommodate every lifestyle, we are breaking down gender, cultural, and societal barriers with every perfume bottle produced. By staying true to humble production practices, we honor the origins of perfumery while ensuring a higher standard of purity. In a world of conformity and artificiality, our pioneers at Moitié Parfum are on a mission to revolutionize the world of fragrance with refreshingly innovative, luxurious, and enticing aromas that have the power to change lives. 


What Sets Us Apart From Other Luxury Perfume Brands?

At Moitié Parfum, artistry and a fusion of classic French techniques results in perfumes that honor the essence of the craft. Built upon principles such as environmentally-friendly sourcing, small batch production, and curated scent design, our goal is simple – to enrich your experience with a luxury perfume that wears like it was handcrafted exclusively for you. 

Every perfume bottle we produce stems from French authenticity and harmonious ingredient selection. Unlike the majority of brands which rely on cheap ingredients and outsourced production practices, our refined French colognes and lavender perfume is: 


  • Produced entirely in the French Riviera: Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline in the south of France, you will find our master perfumers crafting our next-best seasonal fragrance. 
  • Responsibly sourced & packaged: Our exquisite essences are always prepared with respect for our planet and the people we strive to empower with every spritz.
  • Bottled with passion and purity in mind: Our small-batch production practices ensure a higher standard of purity with every perfume bottle we craft.
  • An exploration in olfactory innovation: Direct from the hearts and minds of our world-renowned perfumers, we continue to push the boundaries of scented creativity with prestigious aromas that are perfect for luxury events and daily wear alike. 


Quality Scents For All Tastes

A luxury aroma that aligns with your lifestyle emits an unspoken aura of charm and sophistication. From refreshingly sweet and invigorating, to bold and nature-inspired notes in our finest sandalwood perfume, our provocative brands become a memorable trademark that’s exclusive to your unique style and taste. 

As the seasons change, so do our company’s luxurious seasonal creations. Each curated fragrance tells a story of exploration, artistic passion, and lavish French delights that embolden the senses with every wear. Perfect for memorable gifts, personal empowerment, and exotic allure for any occasion, each unique brand at Moitié Parfum embodies our company’s ethos of luxury, romance, and passion for the finer things in life.

Tips on Selecting the Right Perfume

Consider your passions, personal style, and the impression you would like to make with each interaction. The perfume bottle you choose directly influences many aspects of life, and much like trending attire, finding a luxury brand that flows with your preferences can enhance personal well-being and positive perceptions.   

Hoping to impress clients, establish a deeper love connection, or enhance your sense of confidence? Would you like to complement your wardrobe with a fragrance that synergizes with your evolving looks for the season? Whether you wear or share our unique perfumes, our company’s top colognes and perfumes are designed to uplift the senses and captivate everyone who shares in the sensory experience. 

To find a perfume that aligns with your aspirations on a deeper level, ask yourself: 

  • Do you have a signature fragrance? Forget the cookie-cutter brands and establish a new standard of individualized elegance. Whether you’re after soothing and seductive or bold and revolutionary, our seasonal colognes offer a memorable essence unlike any other. 
  • How do you want to be remembered? By choosing a breathtaking brand that inspires positive emotions, your aura becomes synonymous with those impressions. Our world-renowned brand establishes an association with high-end vibes every time you walk in the room. 
  • How does your perfume make you feel? Your perfume should fill you with a sense of confidence, pride, and class. By selecting a scent that empowers your experience in a meaningful way, you may find yourself walking taller with every wear. 
  • Do you love the scent? Perhaps the most important choice with every perfume and cologne selection. If you love the scent, you can expect others to as well. One breath of our refreshing aromas and you’ll be wondering how you lived without Moitié Parfum this long.  

Finding a scent that synergizes with your personality is essential. While exploring our company’s unique collection, our top perfumers are always happy to help you narrow down the best options for your lifestyle. For detailed guidance, contact us directly or connect with us on our socials and discover our seasonal scents as soon as they become available! 

Shop Our Top Collection Today!

Together, we can change the world with fragrances that unite luxury with sustainability and purity. Accessible yet extraordinary, our perfume boutique’s collection continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in perfumery. If you can relate with our company’s passion for romance, the best in natural purity, and evocative scents that transport you around the world, we would love to connect and share our story with you. 

For thoughtful gift guidance, perfume bottle recommendations, or to learn more about our luxury perfume for women and luxury cologne for men, get in touch with our dedicated perfumers and discover a scent that uplifts, inspires, and empowers your experience in a more personal way.


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