Literal translation, “Half”. Mais en France in a romantic context, it means “My Better Half” …
But the question du Coeur becomes when will this declaration d’amour truly come into true existence?
A heart stopping moment d’émerveillement…
A hopeless romantic’s logical (faux pas…) attempt to help one comprehend the depths of simple, unannounced, and profound set of feelings. A moment of nostalgie envelops you. A moment that encapsulates tout, from voices, music, touch, visions, and of course parfum.

A moment when…I fell into a trance envisioning myself in the center of Vienna’s Sala Terrena surrounded by echoes of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13)…such must have been the case with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart surely at some point when he met his Lady – it was rather unannounced, unplanned, unexpected, and untimely, but in due time…ML

But it’s more, much, much more! Here is where some logic does need to take form – sort of a real, romantic algorithm if you will of when does one become truly, MOITIÉ
One needs to truly understand et saisir ça!
Comment? Surely, one has an appreciation of flowers in this beautiful journey mais est-ce que tu comprends vraiment? A grand and everlasting appreciation needs to exist for that scent which will evolve through seasons, the texture of the petals that transform with the change in temperatures, and LE PLUS IMPORTANT are the thorns that randomly exist on the stem which prick you to much an unpleasant feeling – it is that moment when one needs to know where to hold and recréer les raisons THAT rose is picked consistently – becomes your better half, MOITIÉ.
“Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas”

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