Atelier Moitié is dedicated to the journey of the senses and moments between a man and a woman through alluring fragrances.

Notre voyage commence…

Symbolic of the mystical wonders that inspire us and a time of new beginnings for the body, mind and soul defined the moment when this beautiful White Birch tree ceased me, and I was left pondering.


As the journey continued with a new, magical, and mystical trance surrounding me like a cloud, I kept on walking being captured with scents, sights, and her invisible hand guiding me as well as me guiding her.  

A surreal aura was building as I walked into the night.

As if the beautiful Medusa suddenly appeared before me, I came to a standstill. I looked up to see if there was some divine intervention…it was!

40.4413° N, 75.8867°W – It was under this sky it all began.

Crafted for the discerning souls who cherish the art of reminiscence, this fragrance encapsulates the essence of timeless nostalgia. A tribute to those who seek to rekindle the allure of bygone moments, it beckons the senses of the refined and prosperous. For the one who desires to embrace their cherished memories and revive the spirit of their soul’s counterpart, this fragrance embodies the epitome of romance and sophistication.

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