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Luxury Rose Perfume
Luxury Rose Perfume
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Luxury Rose Perfume

Leave a legacy of elegance and delight the senses with a classic aroma that transcends temporary trends. A tribute to sensual romance and natural beauty, our luxurious rose perfume captures the essence of love, passion, and sophistication. 

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Each subtle note flows into the next for a sensory exploration that rises like a tranquil crescendo. Developing a rich yet subtle rose perfume is a delicate process that requires absolute precision; our exquisite rose perfume is an artform, and our artisans are masters of the trade. 

Like our best romantic cologne, our master perfumers specialize in highlighting key elements while never losing sight of overall harmony. To accentuate each note in all its natural glory, our luxury rose perfume is: 

  • Designed and crafted exclusively by our perfume aficionados in France
  • Sourced with respect for our planet. Our world-renowned fragrances are always derived from sustainable sources
  • Bottled with elegance. Preview our stunning perfume bottles and you will find the perfect piece for interior décor, luxurious gifting, and your high-end collection
  • An immersive story. As the brighter notes transition into romantic undertones, our long-lasting scents tell an evocative tale that’s exclusive to you

Rich & Classic Floral Scent for All Occasions

Prized by royalty and members of high-society for thousands of years, rose perfume never has, and never will, go out of style. Great as a standalone signature perfume or as a complementary pairing with other balanced scents, the bright florals and warmth of rose can contribute to any collection. 

Depending on your personal style, event plans, or seasonal wardrobe selections, there are many empowering ways to integrate our refreshing floral perfume into your lifestyle. Among our most sensual fragrances, this is an obvious choice for romantic evenings and opulent affairs. We also recommend this bottle of scented elegance if you are searching for a subtle fragrance for everyday wear. It only takes a spritz or two to brighten the mood, enrich the atmosphere, and inspire deeper romantic connections with every wear. 

Our rose perfume also happens to be one of the best gift gestures. Unlike many perfume compositions that feature sharp notes and only align with a small percentage of olfactory preferences, rose is naturally easy on the senses and can be combined with many styles. This makes rose perfume one of the safest choices if you are looking for a gift to share with a highly-selective individual. 

Applying Our Alluring Rose Perfume

Our expertly-refined fragrance is best used independently with a light misting. To disperse evenly, apply a few spritzes of our rose fragrance approximately a hands-length away from the skin, clothing, or hair. To enhance the efficacy of our rose perfume, we also recommend washing and moisturizing beforehand. Clean and moisturized skin will help to retain the essence compounds, promoting both longevity and clarity of the notes. For best results, use an unscented lotion or body butter to nourish the skin before misting. 

If you are hoping to craft a highly personalized essence, you can also combine our luxurious rose perfume with another complementary essence. For example, a light citrusy pairing such as our bergamot perfume can be used to tell an evocative story as the evening unfolds. You may decide to wear the bergamot on your overcoat, and before dining or dancing, reveal the rose and entrance your partner with its intoxicating essence.

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Our feminine collection continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in perfumery. Direct from the hearts and minds of our passionate perfumers in France, we are excited to share an evolving perfume selection that embodies our ethos of elegance. Stay informed and connect with our perfumers to discover new fragrances that delight, inspire, and empower as soon as they arrive! 

To discover a curated fragrance that captures the essence of your luxurious style and taste, connect with our dedicated team. We are happy to help you find the perfect scent!

Enhance Your Fragrance Collection with Gold Elegance

Divine and dripping in gold, purity, and authenticity define our innovative selection of perfume. Produced in France, our artisan perfumers blend innovative craftsmanship with a passion for uplifting aromas that awaken, excite, and transcend the ordinary. Unlike any other cologne on earth, ingenious creativity and balanced fragrance design empower our artisanal perfume collection. Each romantic perfume is a signature work of art, meticulously designed to embody the essence of luxury and captivate the senses with a never-before-experienced scent profile.

Our gold collection is a tribute to the finer things in life. The best things in life are designed to last, and our luxurious fragrances do just that; our sophisticated aromas boast enhanced longevity for an all-day aura of elegance. As charming as our artisanal gold bottle designs, our uplifting fragrances for men and women offer a balanced profile that blends the best of natural essence with delightfully exotic notes. Whichever gold fragrance you choose, you can expect our bold and innovative aromas to leave a lasting impression with every wear. When you enhance your essence with Moitié Parfum, every gold perfume bottle includes: 

  • The finest French perfume in the industry: Direct from the south of France to your door, we manage every step of the sustainable sourcing and production process for unrivaled purity and respect for the planet.
  • Bespoke gold bottle designs: Our perfume bottles are exquisite works of art that are destined to brighten every luxurious cologne collection and decor design. 
  • A story behind every perfume bottle: Our custom gold collection is brought to life with inspired poetry and one-of-a-kind artistry that transforms the aromatic experience. 
  • A special gold bracelet and charm are included with our women’s fragrances: If you have been searching for a romantic gesture or a heartfelt gift to share this season, our poetic gold perfume bottles are the perfect selection. 

Gift a set to your friends, share a bottle with your partner, and experience the essence of luxury with every spritz. Whether you have been searching for a signature fragrance or you want to share sincere gratitude and love for another, the essence of prosperity, luxury, and the finest aromas on earth comprise our gold cologne collection. 

As precious as every drop inside, our luxury bottle designs flow with interior design sophistication. Our gold perfume bottles are a beautiful decor addition in master bathrooms, guest suites, and naturally complement an array of interior themes. To maintain the luxurious sheen of your precious gold perfume bottles, simply: 

  • Store your gold bottles away from direct sunlight and moisture
  • Handle with care. Gold is a soft metal that is prone to scratching and dents
  • When polishing, use a soft, lint-free cloth that is intended for precious metals
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh cleaners or chemicals that might damage the casings

Follow these simple steps to care for your cologne bottles and maintain an eye-catching work of modern art for a lifetime. For the latest seasonal gold bottle updates, be sure to stay in touch with our perfumery and enrich your collection with the latest spring, summer, fall, and winter perfumes as soon as they become available. 

Infuse your experience with luxury and awaken your senses with fragrances that are changing the world. While exploring our captivating collection, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team at any time. We are passionate about sharing our craft with others, and are more than happy to teach you more about our curated fragrances, our sustainable production practices, and our commitment to refined perfume purity.

For fragrance recommendations or help with an order, get in touch with our passionate perfumers and discover the essence of elegance today!